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Or is it “independance?”

I think it can be either.

Edward: It really can be “independAnce?” I couldn’t even type that without difficulty because my computer keeps autocorrecting it.

Hannah: Nope — evidently not.

Edward: Anyhoo.

Pars files contain error-correction data that can be used to fix files that become corrupted during the upload/download process on Usenet where there is no built-in error correction. Pars files work on both Windows and Mac, and can be used to protect any kind of file.


I’m sorry honey, but that will always be funny to me.

And very likely ONLY to me.

Pars Lamb Kebab

Lamb Kebab

Hannah: OK, we at at Pars with my folks on the 4th, since our first three choices were closed. But that was coolio because I’d been wanting to eat there!

Edward: I wanted to eat there too!

Hannah: WAIT

Is this too much narration and not enought chat?

Edward: As long as we don’t go into the history of the Persian Empire, we’re probably cool.

Although did you know that “Pars” is the original homeland of the Iranian people and the root word of the words “Persia” and “Persian”?

Hannah: HUH

Hannah: But we didn’t eat any Persian food.

Edward: Yeah, I feel kind of apologetic about this review, since we didn’t actually eat the food that the restaurant probably does best. But we still liked it, right?

Hannah: Yes. I had gyros on greek salad, right?

(Dude, it was awhile ago.)

Edward: I also feel apologetic for being so behind on these reviews!

Pars Dolmas Salad

Dolmas Salad

Edward: I had lamb kebab, and our companions had dolmas salad and chicken souvlaki?

Hannah: Yes, that sounds right.

But we have an audio field report that is more thorough.

Edward: Yes.

Hannah: So, I will say that in my memory of the food I enjoyed it immensely, and wouldst go back to that place.

Edward: Wow, this is a pretty lame review!

Hannah: Well, it’s mostly audio?

Edward: I hate to say “just listen to the audio” — what if people can’t or don’t want to?

Hannah: But dude, how many meals have there been in the intervening three weeks! In addition to a trip to Taos!?

Edward: Surprisingly many, considering it was just three weeks ago!

Wait, I think we need to very quickly save this review from complete lameosity.

Hannah: OK, here’s how:

This is a prelim review of Pars, and we will go back to eat Persian food and give an update. How’s that?

Edward: Brilliant!

Hannah: Also, listen to the audio if you can, Reader.

Edward: We probably shouldn’t review any place where we go with people, because (a) we can’t really focus on the food, and (b) we can’t spend like ten minutes taking photos of every single dish.

Hannah: LOL true

Edward: That’s why the accompanying photos are sub-optimal — blurring due to embarrassment!

Hannah: I still think we’re doing a fine thing, because we did an instant breakdown after we left.

Edward: Yes. But we did not really do Pars justice — we went there as a last-minute thing, did not even know we were going there until we were there, and weren’t able to prepare by learning anything about Persian food.

OK then. Apologies to the reader for a lame PRELIMINARY review, and stay tuned for PARS 2: PERSIAN BOOGALOO!

Hannah: ::dances all Persian::

Pars Gyros Salad

Gyros Salad


4320 The 25 Way Suite 100 Albuquerque, NM 87109
Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm

Friday – Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm

Sunday 5:00pm – 9:00pm

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1. It cannot.
2. No.
3. This is a running joke, but is not in fact funny. If you did not laugh at this joke, you had the correct response.
4. Review of this trip coming soon.
It cannot.
This is a running joke, but is not in fact funny. If you did not laugh at this joke, you had the correct response.
Review of this trip coming soon.