What I loved about this sandwich

This is the Reuben special at Nob Hill Bar and Grill. What I loved was that the corned beef was succulent and extremely flavorful. I’d like to think it was house-corned, especially because I got actual corning spices in the sandwich.

Another thing to love

The dressing was served on the side. This is not traditional for a Reuben, but was much appreciated because the sandwich was already so moist, what with the delicious moist beef, the melty cheese, and the sauerkraut, that being able to apply the dressing as needed (or perhaps it I was meant to dip) was a plus for those of us who tend to be messy eaters.

Nob Hill Bar & Grill - Reuben 01

I also loved loved loved

The perfectly cooked sweet potato fries! As a fan of such fries, I know the all-too-frequent disappointment of sweet potato fries that are either flimsy soggy and limp, or are firm because they’re underdone. These were crisp outside, fluffy inside, well-seasoned, not greasy, and very delicious. So much so that my dining companion has suggested we go back just so *she* can have those fries.

This sandwich doesn’t appear on the regular menu, so keep an eye on that special’s board!